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About Me

I live in Sun Prairie, WI with my husband Nick and our three awesome kids - Madi, Beckett and Augie. I advocate for children with special needs, and specifically Down Syndrome, ADHD and autism because of my own family's needs.  I love tattoos, traveling, reading (ahem, mostly audio books these days), nature walks in every season, changing of seasons, creating, cooking, and changing my hair. 

I spent fifteen years in the corporate world before leaving it to focus on my family and advocacy for kids with disabilities. I am currently the Executive Director of the Down Syndrome Diagnosis Network (one of the largest parent-support networks in the world), as well as a volunteer Executive Director of Night to Remember in Madison, WI. 

Whatever your reason that you've landed on my site, welcome - I'm so glad you are here and I would love to know you. Please reach out. All the resources you find here for Trisomy 21 Acts of Kindness and 31 Facts About Down syndrome are available for you to use. You have my permission. :) 


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