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Let's Trade The Word 'Busy' For 'Living' - Delicious Self-Care, Mini Series, Par

Ok, friends! It's about to get real! I am super excited to bring a new mini-series to the blog, called 'Delicious Self Care', courtesy of my talented and extra-awesome friend, Stacy. And no, we aren't talking about food, although a good meal and a glass of wine (or two) could fit well in this series! Over the next few days, we will explore the concepts of boycotting 'busy', creating sacred spaces, and being intentional with your time -- allowing you to do some truly delicious living.

Without further ado, here is Part 1: Let's Trade the Word 'Busy' for 'Living'


I have committed to a 'busy boycott' and I would love to inspire the vast Mom-World to do the same.

What is a 'busy boycott', you ask?

It is a simple commitment to eliminate the word 'busy' from your daily vocabulary, and instead...admit to LIVING!

When I was a little girl, I had big dreams. Heck, once in awhile, I still have big dreams! But it feels like some of my big dreams have been struck with a sharp stick. I call this delightful sharp stick: being grown up. Ouch!

While I dreamt of contributing to this world in big ways, I didn't realize that it would be accompanied with damn busy!

And then, I had an epiphany.

One day in the school parking lot, I went from mini-van to mini-van checking in with a few friends. Guess what?! Everyone told me they were 'busy'. That was the standard response to their state of being. It was mine, too. It was as if we had lost our identify and we were now comparing definitions of busy.

Seriously. Silly.

I went back to my car and decided that I was done being busy. I began my personal 'busy boycott'. I decided to never again describe my state of affairs as: busy.

I am more than that!

And so are you.

Instead of being busy -- let's all admit to living, enjoying, loving, working, adventuring, exercising, outdoor-ing, cleaning, cooking, breathing, praying, volunteering, schooling, mothering, sistering, or friending. ANY word other than the b-word!

Do it for that little girl with big dreams, the one that still lives inside you (and me!).

Cheers to living a delicious life!



Stacy is married to her high-school sweetheart. She is "mom" to three fantastic kids. She spends her days making an impact in the corporate world, where I had the privilege of working beside her for many years. She is also the creator and founder of Blue Raddish, an art collective in downtown Overland Park, KS. They specialize in affordable and functional art, and carry a special farm-fresh line of Lawson Lavender products.

Every moment with Stacy is a JOY -- she inspires, encourages, thinks outside the box, is inclusive, wildly creative, intentional, and can always bring a smile to your face.

Click here to learn more about Stacy and Blue Raddish.

Busy Boycott Print

Do you love the 'Busy Boycott' print? Great!

Download your own high-resolution PDF for print.

And, check out Blue Raddish for more great products!

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