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Trisomy 21 Acts of Kindness

Trisomy 21 Acts of Kindness is a campaign that we do every October to spread kindness and raise awareness and encourage acceptance of individuals with Down syndrome. We hope to bring a smile to many people as we do random acts of kindness throughout our communities.  And we hope YOU will join us!  

How it Works

Download (customize them if you'd like) and print the Trisomy 21 Acts of Kindness cards so you are ready to hand them out as you do acts of kindness around your community.  Beyond that, there are no rules!  You decide how you want to spread kindness.  You decide how many things you can do in October.  Maybe it's 21 - that's our goal!  Maybe it's just 1 thing - AWESOME.  Maybe it's 100!  Every little (or big) thing counts!  Whatever you do, you are making a difference.  

I truly hope that throughout the month we can reach a few people who may not otherwise know anything about Down syndrome, or those who may have negative or outdated perceptions. And those who just need a little kindness in their life. This world needs more kindness.  

Downloadable Cards

Downloadable Cards

Standard FRONT Trisomy 21 Acts of Kindness Card 

Navy BACK Trisomy 21 Acts of Kindness Card 

Light Blue BACK Trisomy 21 Acts of Kindness Card 

Customizable Templates

Copy of FRONT 21 Kindness Acts 2017 - no

Instructions for CUSTOMIZING:

All templates were created in Google Drawings, which is a free, web-based software that is easy to access and use.  


*Note:  You will need to be logged into Google to make any edits; if you do not have an account you can easily create one for free. 


If you have ANY problems following these steps, please send me a note and I can help!


1. Click on the link below for the template you'd like to use.

2. In Google Drawings, go to File > Make a Copy... Now you will be ready to edit and print!

3. To add a picture, go to Insert > Image, and then select the location where image is stored. Once it is loaded in the card, you can adjust the size until it looks just right!

4. To change the text, click the text box you'd like to edit and then make your changes.

5. To save your card, go to File > Download as, and then select the file type you'd like to use. I'd recommend downloading to PDF for the best quality.

Downloadable Cards

Customizable Templates

Back 21 Kindness Acts 2017 - Collage-4.p

KID FRIENDLY Down syndrome Awareness Cards - perfect for SCHOOLS! 

These cards were created with kids in mind!  These are a great option for schools.  Whether it's your child's classmates, a siblings classmates, the entire school, or more -- these cards can be customized and printed to pass out!   


Front of Cards - Customizable Template

Back of Cards - Customizable Template


Printing your Cards

Instructions for PRINTING:
I recommend printing this at a local printer such as UPS, Staples or FedEx Office. You can do it at home, but the quality will not be as good. Here are the instructions for printing:

1. This will be a two-sided print job. There should be two files. One for the front. One for the back.
2. Print on a heavy paper, such as card stock so the cards are sturdy.
3. Print 4 per page (8 1/2 X 11 letter) on landscape setting (or 2 per page for a larger card).  
4. Determine how may copies you need. If you plan to do 21 kindness acts, you will need at least 6 copies (front and back -12 prints total). But also keep in mind that you may hand out more than one card at a time. It is most cost effective to print all your copies at once so consider getting extra.  
5. Request that the cards be cut (or be prepared to cut them yourself). 

Once your cards are printed, you are all set! Go out and spread some kindness around your community, raise awareness and promote acceptance of Down syndrome, and change a few hearts. 

Get ideas for random acts of kindness and follow along throughout the month here!   ---->>>>> 

Don't forget to keep us updated with your own ideas, pictures and stories from the month!

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