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Meet My Family

I have been married to my husband, Nick, for 13 years. There is a lot to say about Nick, and about our relationship, but I'll just start with his eyes. They are the kind that stop you in your tracks. The icy blue color. They are beautiful. Of course, he is more than his eyes. He is hard working, generous, caring and adventurous. He does or says something every day that makes me laugh. And he is a good dad. Our kids adore him. We've been through a lot together - good times and hard times. He is my best friend and I can't imagine going through life with anyone else.

Our oldest is Madi. She is 7 years old. She has a fiery spirit that can be challenging at times. She is an artist and loves to color and be crafty. She has a big imagination. She loves princesses, dresses, jewelry and anything pink or frilly. She is a great big sister and can be super helpful when it's her idea. Madi was diagnosed with sensory processing disorder when she was 3 and more recently diagnosed with ADHD and generalized anxiety disorder. Madi experiences the world in a different way than I do; she learns different, she thinks different, she feels things in different ways. And that is ok. I am her advocate and my goal is to bring out the best in Madi and help her find her own path to success. She got her daddy's bright blue eyes and she has beautiful naturally curly hair.

Beckett is our middle child. He is 3 years old. He is ALL boy. He loves trucks, trains, airplanes and cars. He thinks he is hilarious. And really, he is. He has a great sense of humor. He's such a sweet little boy and can always put a smile on my face. He's also a handful right now -- pushing the limits and seeing what he can get away with.

Our youngest is August (Augie). He was born in March 2016. He is the apple of my eye and had me wrapped around his little finger from his first breath. He has the most expressive eyes that make me believe he can see right to my soul. Augie has Down Syndrome and we wouldn't want him any other way. He is a gentle warrior, fighting through several medical issues in his early months of life but continuing to do well. He had open heart surgery in June 2016 to repair two holes in his heart; recovery was quick and uneventful - praise God. Since then he has been thriving. He is a determined little boy, always on the go, and always smiling.

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My almost 6 year old daughter took this picture of me, hence the unappealing camera angle.  But this is how she sees me, so even though it's not the most glamorous picture, it works.  This is me.

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