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Two Happy Birthdays and a Happy Healthy Heart

We had a lot to celebrate this past weekend! Two birthdays and a healthy heart, to be exact! These are all things that happened back in June, but because Augie went into heart failure, had to be admitted to the pediatric ICU, and then had open heart surgery plus recovery time, we had to postpone our celebrations until July. But, here we are a month later, ready to celebrate all the good things in our life! Actually the BEST things -- our three children!

Our theme was Cupcakes and Stud Muffins. We had a simple but yummy lunch menu, lots of delicious cupcakes, and a cheesy 'selfie station'. It was great fun! I kept everything simple and quick to prepare because, well, I have three kids and no time to be fancy!

I ordered cupcakes from a local bakery that I just LOVE! Madi, Beckett and Augie each had a personalized balloon and specially-decorated cupcakes in their honor.

  • Madi's cupcakes were chocolate, decorated with purple and pink buttercream frosting, embellished with pearls and crowns, and shaped into the number 6 in honor of her 6th birthday!

  • Beckett's cupcakes were vanilla, decorated with green and blue buttercream frosting, embellished with bow ties and sun glasses, and shaped into the number 2 for his 2nd birthday! Beckett was mesmerized by the candles.

  • And, Augie's cupcakes were strawberry, decorated with white buttercream and embellished with fondant red hearts. The cupcakes were placed in the shape of a heart in honor of his successful open heart surgery. Augie was mesmerized by his balloon!

The Selfie Station!

I ordered a some silly props and used a lot of items we already had to set up a fun and cheesy 'Selfie Station.' Glasses, hats, wigs, crowns, bow ties, mustaches, lips and more! This was a fun addition to the party, and got a lot of laughs!

What a joy it was to be able to celebrate our kids.

Each one so uniquely created.


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My almost 6 year old daughter took this picture of me, hence the unappealing camera angle.  But this is how she sees me, so even though it's not the most glamorous picture, it works.  This is me.

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